"Greg Fairris has been landscaping my home for 5 years now, and it has never looked better! I get so many compliments, which is a little embarrassing as I cannot take the credit for how great my front and back yards look season after season, year after year. He has an excellent sense of what works, what looks good in a certain setting, and especially, what will survive and flourish! He integrates perennials and annuals so well that after a few years your evolving, developing garden is very much on its' own, requiring his planting, weeding, and caring for your yard only a few times a year. And now that our vision/plan of what my yard has been realized, the 3 times yearly that he cleans out and plants the beds are relatively rapid and inexpensive." A very satisfied long-term customer, Dr. Bill Mania


"Greg we have had so many compliments on our lovely landscaped front yard and every day another flower blooms! We have the prettiest yard in the neighborhood and I am so happy we chose you to plan and create such a beautiful landscape." Helen and Bob Armstrong


"Greg has been my landscaper for years. This past Christmas he installed Christmas lights on the exterior of my house and did a fantastic job! He did the roof line, the trees, bushes/shrubs and about 100 feet of edging along the front and the side of the house and even added a few lighted trees decorations in the front yard. My house won the award for the “Best Christmas Lights” voted by the homeowners association. Greg not only installed the lights and frequently drove by in the evenings and checked for any bulbs that were out, but also removed them the first week in January and STORED them for me for this season! Greg also does my color change twice a year and does a fantastic job! I am sometimes a last minute decision maker and then once I decide on something, Greg is here and getting the work done within a few days of my call. Tami Bennett, Roehampton Court Homeowner"